Angelorum College has a contemporary Catholic vision for teaching and learning. The College 

integrates a faithful Catholic worldview into all content areas, nurtures a Growth Mindset for all staff, implements John Hattie’s Visible Learning pedagogical framework, provides regular feedback to students through formative assessment, maintains a healthy teacher-student ratio, and assists staff to innovate new solutions to blended learning, particularly for the students studying via Distance Education mode.


​The College has two sections on its campus, centered around Jesus’ real presence in the Tabernacle. Preparatory to Year 6 use the Western wing and Years 7-10 use the Eastern wing.

The Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament sits in the middle, providing the backbone for the campus. Students play together at lunch times and enjoy a vertical buddy system, which provides a seamless transition from Year 6 into Year 7, while at the same time providing an educational environment that respects the developmental needs of each student.
Although the campus is small there are many great facilities nearby that the College has access to. Bedford Park is utilised for Health and Physical Education lessons.

This park is also used during lunch breaks each week. The Valley Pool is a short walk in the opposite direction, which is used for HPE also.


The College actively pursues working relationships with other businesses and organisation nearby to evaluate the efficacy of sharing further resources.


​Angelorum College’s class sizes are small. This provides an excellent environment for teacher-student interaction. Classes are also supplemented with teacher aides who work closely with particular groups at the discretion of the teacher.


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377 St Pauls Terrace

Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006

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