The Religion curriculum at Angelorum College dovetails with the liturgical seasons of the Church. The content in The Catechism of the Catholic Church is synchronised with the relevant liturgical season from Grade 7 to Grade 10. Students are assessed on their knowledge, not their faith.
Students at Angelorum College learn a range of hermeneutics to enable them to enter more deeply in the Word of God. They learn the importance of interpreting Sacred Scripture using the Typological method, which seeks to understand the links between Old Testament events, people, places, rites etc. in light of the New Testament, and ultimately in the fullness of time (the Parousia).


 The other method of Biblical interpretation taught is the more popular Historical-Critical method, which can be useful when determining the exact meaning of a particular verse. This hermeneutic teaches students to investigate the culture at the time the verse was recorded, the meaning for the intended audience, the literary genre where the verse is recorded, and how the message relates to their own life today. Of particular importance is how each verse can enable them to access God’s graces, particularly through access to the sacraments.Students learn why the Church teaches what she does and how they can better enter into the life of The Holy Trinity.
Students are taught by the priests and brothers from The Brisbane Oratory in Formation once each week. The Missionaries of Charity sisters teach the students once each month. These lessons are not only highly informative but serve as a valuable witness to the power of God’s love in the life of a person who has married the Church. The students are also visited on occasion by other guests, such as the Capuchin Franciscan Friars. This in turn becomes an integral part of each student's Catholic formation.
Students who study at Angelorum College significantly improve their religious literacy from an approach that integrates the best curriculum with credible witnesses to the faith, whilst synchronised with the liturgical cycle, bringing students into communion with the whole Catholic Church. 

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