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Angelorum College recognises that many faithful Catholic families wish to send their children to a Catholic school where they are encouraged to grow in holiness and their faith in Jesus Christ is actively nurtured. However, we know that some families, for one reason or another, do not have this opportunity. Angelorum College offers a second mode of curriculum delivery in addition to onsite classroom teaching - Distance Education.

Distance Education differs to Home Schooling.  When home schooling, all the curriculum choices, planning, implementation and marking are done by the home tutor (usually a parent). In Distance Education, the College curriculum, resources, and grading are provided.  The parent or offsite supervisor supports the student/s offsite and communicates with the College if extra assistance is required. 


For those considering Distance Education but are unsure about how it might suit their family, you are encouraged to find out more about it by discussing with Angelorum College staff.  Please email or fill out the form below.
Angelorum College uses the Google Education Suite of apps to assist in this mode of curriculum delivery in the high school years. The primary years use more concrete (pen and paper) resources but access to email and a printer is still essential for communication.  All year levels use GoogleMeet (online meeting platform) daily to attend assembly, Chapel prayers and mark attendance.  GoogleMeet is also used regularly to connect with Distance Education students and support them in their learning.  All Distance Education families are also encouraged to participate
 in prayers and Masses at the College virtually through the GoogleMeet facilities.

Families enrolled in Distance Education who live closer to the Brisbane metro area are also able to access school excursions, one day a week attendance at the College and our annual Families Camp at Marian Valley in the Gold Coast hinterland. 

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Some of our distance education students in Townsville.

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