Angelorum College recognises that many faithful Catholic families wish to send their children to a Catholic school where they are encouraged to grow in holiness and their faith in Jesus Christ is actively nurtured. However, we know that some families, for one reason or another, do not have this opportunity. This is not just a problem for the particular family, but a problem for the Catholic Church as a whole. Subsequently, Angelorum College offers a second mode of curriculum delivery.

Angelorum College offers the Distance Education mode to students if the Day School mode is not suitable. Distance Education differs to Home Schooling in that the latter is prepared and implemented by a parent but the former requires the College’s programme to be implemented by a tutor or supervisor off site (often implemented at home by a parent) and tasks are submitted to the classroom teacher for feedback and assessment, according to The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) standards, on the specified due date.
Angelorum College uses the Google Education Suite of apps to assist in this mode of curriculum delivery. It is through innovation in Blended Learning that Distance Education will flourish and bear much fruit for the future.

Some of our distance education students in Townsville.

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