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​Angelorum College provides an environment where students, parents, staff, and clergy can unite and be nourished by God. Jesus prayed for unity and it is in this same Spirit that Angelorum operates.


The College provides a Christocentric environment where Catholics from different rites of the Catholic Church, both Latin rites (extraordinary and ordinary forms) as well as Eastern rites (including the Syro-Malabar rite)  communities can serve Jesus together.  Driven by the desire to be close to Jesus Christ and focusing on the need to grow in holiness, students are prepared to use their life in a way that brings glory to God, whilst loving their neighbour.
Angelorum College recognises the immeasurable value of learning Sacred Scripture through the Catholic Tradition​, the family apostolate requiring a new type of evangelisation and the need to promote a Culture of Life.

​​All staff are expected to be positive witnesses to the Catholic faith both in word and in deed. Staff are expected to demonstrate integrity and consistency of their actions whilst on campus and off campus.

















We acknowledge the role of parents as the primary educators of their children:

"Since parents have given children their life, they are bound by the most serious obligation to educate their offspring and therefore must be recognised as the primary and principal educators (11). This role in education is so important that only with difficulty can it be supplied where it is lacking. Parents are the ones who must create a family atmosphere animated by love and respect for God and man, in which the well-rounded personal and social education of children is fostered. Hence the family is the first school of the social virtues that every society needs." — Gravissimum Educationis

We also recognise, however, that parents need support in fulfilling this obligation and should be assisted in accessing the assistance they require.

"The family which has the primary duty of imparting education needs help of the whole community. In addition, therefore, to the rights of parents and others to whom the parents entrust a share in the work of education, certain rights and duties belong indeed to civil society, whose role is to direct what is required for the common temporal good. Its function is to promote the education of youth in many ways, namely: to protect the duties and rights of parents and others who share in education and to give them aid; according to the principle of subsidiarity, when the endeavours of parents and other societies are lacking, to carry out the work of education in accordance with the wishes of the parents." — Gravissimum Educationis

We recognise that parents have a right to choose the form of education best suited to the individual child. Consequently, they have the right to choose any services which may assist them in satisfying these grave responsibilities. The parents themselves, however, also have placed upon them a number of expectations which are necessary for fulfilling their goals in the context of enrolling in Angelorum College.

Parents who enrol their children in this college are expected:

  • to be faithful and consistent witnesses of living a Christian life and committed to bringing up their children in the Faith;

  • to be cooperative with the College in its efforts to offer formation in the Faith;

  • to communicate constructively with the College concerning the education of their children;

  • to ensure adequate time and priority is given to the formation and education of children, allowing for flexibility where needed; and

  • to utilise the opportunities given by the College for parental education and involvement.

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