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Angelorum College responds to the call from Jesus Christ to “go and make disciples of all nations”. For millennia, the Church has been living out this call. In the twenty-first century, a renewed commitment to this vision is necessary, with renewed vigour that is appropriate for the times in which we live.


The College recognises that “the future of humanity passes by way of the family” (St. John Paul II), which grounds us in the past, present, and future. Our motto to 'Serve Him in Holiness' (Luke 1:75) underpins the whole ethos of our College community and guides us in all that we do.  This includes a commitment as staff to live out our mission to all of our families through providing excellence in the educational space in which we are called to serve.

Mrs Lucy Robinson B Occ. Thy, M Teach 


The primary aim of the College is to bring students into a deeper communion with Christ and the Catholic Church. In collaboration with families and Catholic clergy, Angelorum College provides experiences that promote the development of virtues, knowledge, and skills that will serve as a faithful foundation for students’ critical intelligence, imagination, communication, and capacity and enthusiasm for independent lifelong learning.


Since commencing, Angelorum College has grown into a community with a strong sense of  mission to work as a committed team to serve the children of the school.  All of their decisions are geared to providing the best environment to foster the growth in holiness of the whole community from an educational perspective, and always desiring to, "Seek first the Kingdom of God" (Matthew 6:33).  In the process of growing they have been blessed with foundational staff and families who share this common vision.  Families who join the College come from diverse liturgical and cultural backgrounds, including Latin rite, Ukrainian Greek Catholic (Eastern rite) and Syro-Malabar (Eastern rite) Catholics. The College welcomes all those who are open to sharing in this rich spiritual heritage.  As a result of committed staff and families, the religious literacy of students exceeds that found in most other settings.  The College has been able to extend their curriculum to equip students with the tools that will assist them in navigating the world beyond the classroom, particularly in witnessing to their faith and committing to excellence in their chosen vocations.

The governance structure has also evolved to allow for due diligence in the management of the College into the future.  Opus Angelorum Ltd was formally commenced in May 2020 with Mr Craig Robinson appointed as the Chairman.

From the first day that the students have graced the classrooms, to now, we are continually amazed at the work that the Lord is doing here at Angelorum. The foundation staff, students and families, powered by the Blessed Sacrament in our midst (the "engine room"), are constantly astounded to witness how truly miraculous our existence and flourishing continues to be.

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